Aim India Foundation wants to be a leading NGO committed to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities in India.

We aspire for an improved society that raises the standards of living of under privileged through education, health and economic liberty.

Our vision is to improve the lives of poor people in local communities through education, economic empowerment and social amenities together with public, private and civil sectors. We AIM to contribute towards raising the standards of living in India.

This is made possible through:

1.       Training on income generating activities.

2.       Ensuring economic self-reliance and empowerment for the poor.

3.       Training on innovative techniques in agriculture and cottage industries.

4.       Creating appropriate educational infrastructure.

5.       Health provision and development.

6.       Provision of legal support for the rural women.


Objective of Aim India Foundation is to make, create and innovate model of sustainable development platform that could be harnessed for the economic development of the local communities who do not have the right reach or the wherewithal to benefit from the system. Integrating our programs and services consciously and moving from welfare to developmental and long-term sustainable models for the marginalized communities. Community's active involvement and support in such programs are therefore, imperative.

Our major objectives involve

1.       To improve the socio-economic condition of the small and marginalized section of the community through various integrated development initiatives and innovations.

2.       To develop and implement poverty focus participatory approach in development program, which is sustainable and can be replicable to other areas of India.

3.       To setup knowledge centre for the rural peoples in the areas of post-harvest management and other aspects of livelihoods.

4.       To built up the capacity of community for self-reliant so that they can be able to identify their problems and self develop the solution through team spirit.