Plant a Tree to be Danger Free

Tree plantation is the process of planting seedlings, generally for forestry and land reclamation. We cannot live without oxygen, even for a minute. Without trees, the animal world will die away. Carbon dioxide makes our atmosphere poisonous for us, and nowadays, we are surrounded by carbon dioxide in huge amounts. Trees make our environment safe for us. They also give us many other benefits. We get fruits and flowers from the trees, they provide us fuel and timbers and also protects us from rays of sun. They check the quick flow of rainwater and thereby check the occurrence of high flood in our rivers. Trees are very important part of our life. Most of the forest products are the products from the trees in the forests. Absence of trees will cause a lot of harm to us and to our life.


  • Trees produces oxygen
  • Cleans the soil
  • Controls noise pollution
  • Slow storm water runoff
  • They act as windbreaks
  • Trees fight against soil erosion
  • Trees increase property values and many more
  • Conserve water
  • Provide wood and fuel

Tree plantation means planting trees in large numbers. Generally, trees are planted in July and August. They can be planted on the road sides and in all educational institutions. 22 April is celebrated as Earth Day every year. It has become an annual reminder of our responsibility to be good stewards of the earth. Humans have cut down half of all the trees on planet so far. The carbon released from deforestation accounts for 25-30% of the four to five billion tons of carbon accumulating every year in the atmosphere from human activities.

We must plant trees instead of cutting it, because trees are essential to life as we know it. They are our breath, our life and the future of our next generation.


PROJECT SHYAMALI - ONE CHILD ONE TREE (A School Initiative on Tree Plantation)


AIM INDIA FOUNDATION wants to have every child planting one tree per year as a part of their school activity.IM INDIA FOUNDATION wants to have every child planting one tree per year as a part of their school activity.

We have taken this initiative to improve the conditions of environment and to make each and every child aware of the importance of planting trees.

AIF will roll out the project in partnership with the local authorities. Authorities will sign up and agree to approach the primary schools to organize the tree planting sites, where their children can get to plant one tree each. In addition, AIF will also work with local tree planting groups and community organisations.

AIF has taken initiative to plant 25000 mangrove trees in the remote areas of Sunderbans, the which were destroyed by Cyclone Aila. They are doing this in collaboration with GANGA MISSION, Onkar group and West Bengal police. School children are also going to be involved in that plantation drive. AIF organised a tree plantation, distribution and environment awareness programme at Guma , Habra,24 Parganas jointly with Ganga Mission. This programme involved local mass and children.


The success of the project depends upon the ability of AIM INDIA FOUNDATION to motivate a large number of people and plant as many saplings as they can.

Let us do our part by supporting AIF in their noble cause. Any contribution, large or small will help in making the world a better place.

Who plants a tree!! Plants a hope!!

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