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About Us

Investors' Voice is an initiative of Associated Initiative for Mankind Foundation, a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing independent quality investment information helping investors to decide their financial future. We act with integrity and are not aligned to any institution which allows us to filter and hand select the best possible information for our members.

We do not offer advice and believe investing is founded on sound long term decision making. We are investors, not speculators and focus on quality not quick and easy stock tips. Many of our members run their own self managed super funds and enjoy the independent and clean information we provide. Our events are well known and are highly regarded for the calibre of presentations and the opportunity to network. We are also agnostic and provide a range of opinions to allow our members to consider the merit and alignment for their own circumstances.

Investors' Voice is a trusted gateway to investing and the investment industry

We are utterly committed to helping our diverse range of members in many ways. Our members vary from beginners to highly sophisticated investors and traders in all markets. For instance, we can help you with:

1. meeting other investors
2. understanding your share investing and risk management process
3. keeping abreast of local and global news and developments which can impact your investing activities
4. establishing and managing a SMSF
5. building portfolios and strategies across asset classes, including fixed interest and property
6. making you aware of what you don't know

Initial Steps

Our website is quite comprehensive if you are a visitor or new member, may we suggest you take the following initial steps to become familiar with us:

1. Visit our Events page to see the activities available in your local area.
2. Take a free visit to our education section
3. Have a look at information about joining the Investors' Voice.;