Accounts Executive

(Recording and Reporting)


Brief Job Description:

Accounts Executive (Recording and Reporting) is a person appointed by any company, who is responsible for maintaining records of receipts, payments, provisions, compilation of periodical Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS), preparation of Depreciation schedule and presenting any other defined report to the Senior/Manager.

Personal Attributes:

The individual is required to have good understanding of accounting processes and have problem solving skills. The individual must be self‐driven and organized with his work and act with integrity when performing multiple tasks for the organization.

Minimum Qualification: B.Com. Graduate
Duration: 100 Hours

After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

Maintain records of defined receipts and payments.
Account for provisions.
Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) and Depreciation schedule.
Compile and present periodical statements of extracts from ledgers to show total amount of receipts and expenditure of the company, profits earned or losses incurred etc.


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