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Many a times the storms can clear our paths. It's not supposed to destruct us but connect us. And that's what AIM Foundation has adopted as it's mission and vision.

AIM Foundation reached out to the inhabitants of Kumirmari Island, situated nearly 110 km from Kolkata and is reached only by a 3 hr boat ride from the mainland.

Not all battles can be fought with guns, some requires stethoscopes and a healing hand.

A Medical camp was organised by AIM Foundation In association with West Bengal Orthopaedic Association along with free medication by 8 doctors from NRS under the guidance of Dr Kiran Kumar Mukhopadhyay and Dr Utpal Bandhopadhyay.

Infrastructural support was arranged through Sunderban Tiger Reserve Authority.

Cultivable land is completely under saline water hence not feasible for faming for atleast a year.Similarly houses had broken walls with no roof. Villages are inundated but not a drop to drink.

AIM Foundation once again extended it's helping hand and arranged minimum sustainable relief for the cyclone warriors.