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Education makes responsible citizens. It is a basic right of both men and women.

Education imparts knowledge and the required skills and empowers us to earn our livelihood. It is a key route out to a self-sustainable and dignified life. Quite a number of children drop out of school to earn money for their families. Here at AIM Foundation we support these underprivileged children to finish their basic studies by:
- Paying school fees/ college admission fees / college fees directly to the school or college authority for the underprivileged students.
- Providing books and stationery to the underprivileged students.
- Providing scholarship for the promising and needy students.
- Special Awareness camps.

There has been an exponential increase in trend of depression amongst the children of the well to do class of our society. These children are developing personality disorder and behavioural problems.
In view of the above, Aim Foundation has started ‘Project Milieu’, a platform for interaction among the children from various strata of our society. These interactions not only benefit our underprivileged children, but also give a deep insight to the privileged children of our society.