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Volunteering In Aim Foundation

Volunteering In Aim Foundation

 AIM Foundation provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer programs in Kolkata, the City of Joy. We offer a vast variety of programs, cultural exchange programs, internships, gap year programs in India, where volunteers can choose to work in Kolkata, where Mother Teresa spent her lifetime serving the poor. Our choice of programs include working with Orphans, Women Empowerment Programmes, Health programs, Teaching Programme, Street Children Programmes, Internship Programmes and more. You can join our programs in India, as an individual, as a group or even choose to volunteer with your family.

However, today’s volunteering includes donating your virtual time and skills. Instead of being present to volunteer in the “real world,” many people have found their place in the world of virtual volunteering.

AIM Foundation works in different verticals viz: education, environment, health and hygiene, relief to poor, women empowerment and awareness programmes. Explore the various volunteering options; go through the Volunteer Orientation Hand Book as well as read theCode of Conduct for Volunteers working with Children and Young People.

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