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Sundarbans as the name suggests is named after the "sundari" trees making it an unique gangetic delta abundant with pneumatophore roots.

"Sundari" in Bengali means beautiful. But unfortunately lives and the certainty of life thereof in this area is anything but beautiful.

When AIM Foundation with its team on 20th June, 2020, reached Jamespur, Sundarban Tiger Reserve with medical aids and relief were shocked at the news of the death of a 10 year old child devoured by the deadly river and another local villager picked up by the man eating big cat.

Cohabiting with lunatic rivers, deadly crocodiles and the man eating predator Royal Bengal is a risky life game since very long time in the Sundarbans. It's a snake and ladder, truth and dare game between Man and Nature. Both are an integral part of the ecosystem.

And to maintain that balance in the eco system is the foremost duty of mankind where AIM Foundation and ABASAR makes a huge difference. The villagers are continuously benefitted by medical camp at their door step, awareness on menstrual hygiene etc. Distribution of clothes and dry food packets is a big agenda of every trip.

Man and Nature; Nature and nurture are supposed to complement each other, not win over each other.

Let's extend and join our hands with the noble efforts of AIM Foundation and ABASAR in this no win game.