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The least and the most that any organization can do in times of severe natural disaster, calamity as well as pandemic was carried out by AIM FOUNDATION

Every year people of this mangrove delta Sunderbans have been plagued by homes engulfed by floods, primary schools without roofs, or medical centers brimming with the entire village queuing up for basic medicines.

Nature has never been kind to these people who are inhabitants of the numerous small inaccessible islands of Sunderban.

Benevolent hearts have joined hands with AIM FOUNDATION and ABASAR to reach out to the villagers of Kishorimohonpur, Maipith Island, Sundarban , with ration, dry food, masks, sanitary napkins, medicines, and basic relief materials

But we believe it's not the survival of the fittest. Rather survival to face the future in sync with Nature.

AIM Foundation is highly grateful to Ashar Alo and Angel's Relief for their kind manpower and active participation in providing basic relief items to 500 families.

Aaykar Sanhati Trust has been kind enough to donate medicine for this camp. Income Tax Gazzeted Officers' Association has provided new clothes to 400 children.

A special thanks to Fuljhuri Mitra Basu for her continuous support.