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Birds are important members of ecosystem. They play a vital role in controlling pests, acting as pollinators, and maintaining ecology. It is little surprise, then, that habitat loss is the greatest threat of birds. There are few habitats on Earth that have not been affected by humans. As we modify and reshape the land around us, we damage or destroy the natural habitat for birds. Birds are perfectly capable of building nests without human assistance, and trillions of birds nest successfully each year with no help at all. Expanding developments diminish natural habitat, and suburban landscaping practices remove dead trees that would be ideal nesting locations. Bagging old leaves and grass clippings removes prime nesting material, while outdoor pets, feral cats, and strays threaten nests and the baby birds they shelter. All these hazards make it more difficult for birds to nest.

However, AIM Foundation lends a helping hand with nesting sites, nesting materials, and nest safety can make it easier for birds to raise their families successfully. Most birds have good parental instincts and will build nests that are safe and suitable for their offspring. By offering a helping hand with safe nesting sites, high-quality nesting material, and safety precautions to protect nests, AIM Foundation helps build a bird’s nest and ensure the feathered family will thrive.