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Food is the basic necessity of life. Healthy food keeps a man healthy. It should be pure, nutritious, and free from any type of human health. One always works hard to fulfill his basic necessities in life. We are not sure what kind and type of food we are consuming daily. We might be consuming food containing harmful adulterated substances. And thus we invite diseases rather than good health. Daily every person consumes an unhealthy item in place of a healthy one and they are unaware of this fact!! WHAT IS ADULTERATION?? “Adulteration” is a legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet a state of perfect standards. Adulteration is the addition of another substance to a food item in order to increase the quantity of the food item in some form, which may result in the loss of the actual quality of the food item. Adulteration in food turns a healthy item into an unhealthy one. Since every consumer wants the best quality of products because it’s their right to have products of good quality. But nowadays malpractices like adulteration in food is done in order to increase the quantity of the food item which leads to poor quality of the food item and removes the nutritional substances out of that!! Such type of adulterated food is extremely dangerous as it contains toxic substances and it may deprive nutrients essential for proper growth development. THE PREVENTION OF FOOD ADULTERATION ACT, 1954 * The prevention of Food Adulteration Bill was passed by both the House of Parliament and received the assent of the President on 29th September 1954. * It came into force on 1st June 1955 as THE PREVENTION OF FOOD ADULTERATION ACT,1954 * In this Act unless the context otherwise requires. “ADULTERANT” means any material which is or could be employed for the purposes of adulteration. “ADULTERATED” an article of food shall be deemed to be adulterated. This act was launched in order to prevent the food from being adulterated, it takes certain measures to reduce the adulteration in food and stop such consumer malpractices which may improve the condition of the food articles and make it healthier!! FOOD IS SAID TO BE ADULTERATED… 1. If any type of toxic substance is added to a food material. 2. If we can find any colored substance in the food material. 3. If any prohibited substance that is added that may cause harm to make the substance harmful. 4. If the food product we have purchased is not of good quality. 5. If it is kept in a bad condition and is now in a bad state. DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOD ADULTERATION There are many types of food adulteration namely incidental, intentional, metallic contamination and packaging hazards. These types of adulteration are commonly found in types of food items. Material such as sand, marble chips, mud, mercury, chalk powder, etc. is some examples of this food adulteration. This type of material causes harm to food and makes it toxic and dangerous. The lives of many people are at risk due to adulteration in food SOME ADULTERATED FOODS IN MARKET 1.TURMERIC, DALS AND PULSES Adulterant: metanil yellow and kesari dal Health Hazard: highly carcinogenic, stomach disorders 2.GREEN CHILLIES, GREEN PEAS& OTHER VEGETABLES ADULTERANT: Malachite Green, argemone seeds HEALTH HAZARD: Carcinogenic if consumed over a long period of time. 3. MUSTARD SEEDS AND MUSTARD OIL ADULTERANT: Argemone seeds, Papaya seeds HEALTH HAZARD: epidemic dropsy and severe glaucoma. 4. ICE CREAM ADULTERANT: pepperonil, ethylacetate HEALTH HAZARD: Pepperonil is used as a pesticide and ethyl acetate causes diseases affecting lungs, kidneys and heart. SOME OTHER ADULTERANTS 1. Cream is also adulterated with many harmful substances which seem to be like it only and they create toxic substance for everyone to eat. 2. Butter is adulterated with similar things and is sold in market as a healthy one but the reality is unhealthy butter is supplied to everyone. 3.Brick dust in chili powder, colored chalk powder in turmeric. 4. Pickles and canned vegetables are also contaminated as sometimes they are colored green with copper salts. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF FOOD 1. Every consumer must have knowledge about what he/she is picking and what they are going to consume. 2. They must check all the ingredients given on the package and must also check the expiry date while buying a specific product. 3. Consumers must not consume such things which may cause harm to their health and must make sure that the food is prepared in hygienic conditions. 4. Consumer must always do a testing of food material so that in case if there is any adulteration, they must be aware of that. 5. We should ensure that the food should be of wholesome quality

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