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Environment Initiative

Environment Initiative
AIM Foundation works year-round in close association with Department of Forest, Government of West Bengal to address adverse climate change, plastic pollution, protection of endangered species, maintain bio-diversity and broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement. In recognition of our unconditional effort and contributions towards the conservation of natural resources, Sundarban Tiger Reserve has felicitated us for two continuing years. 

AIM Foundation plants nearly 35000 saplings every year in different districts of West Bengal. Moreover, environmental awareness programmes are carried out once in 2 months. 

AIM Foundation took it upon itself to clean mother nature as a show of minimum respect in maintaining our lungs. A 5 km stretch Gorumara Forest cleaning from Murti to Chandrachur Forest Camp was done in the gracious presence of Smt. Rhea Ganguly, ADFO, Gorumara Wild Life Division, Forest Directorate, Govt of West Bengal and her team. 

AIM Foundation has initiated a pilot project for reforestation in an area of about 5 bigha on the banks of Durgaduyani creek in Vidya Range, Bali Island, Sundarban National Park (West), Sundarban Tiger Reserve. Reforestation will be done in an area of 5 hectares in collaboration with the Department of Forest, Govt of West Bengal